Kyushu 2017 Recap

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From Harumaghazi to Onosho’s mawashi, Kyushu was a riveting basho. The GSB crew discuss the events and ramifications for the last tournament of the year. We have an ad from our sponsors at 34:29 and a special prediction series treat at 47:20. See if you can count how many ways we can mispronounce Aminishiki and enjoy the show!



Fantasy Sumo League: Kyushu 2017


Take 2 of Fantasy Sumo is underway and this basho looks to be a little easier on us for injuries. Will that stop us from blowing it anyway? Of course not. This round we welcome a new competitor: Amy, of Team AH HATS! She originally picked Takanoiwa before he pulled out for injury, but luckily Takarafuji was available as a replacement to keep the acronym intact. Teams are as follows:

Returning champ Flyric, of Team MitaYoMamiNoShin: Mitakeumi, Onosho, Chiyotairyu, Daiamami, Tochinoshin.

Newcomer Amy of Team AH HATS: Hakuho, Hokutofuji, Shodai, Takarafuji, Arawashi.

Seeking redemption after a tough Aki is Mak of Team KiT-KoT-Char: Kisenosato, Takakeisho, Kotoshogiku, Tochiozan, Chiyomaru.

Aki runner-up Ryan of The Fat Five: Harumafuji, Endo, Tamawashi, Takayasu, Ikioi.

And this basho’s future champ, of course, is Jake of The Brutal Bellies: Goeido, Yoshikaze, Asanoyama, Kaisei, Aoiyama.

You can check out our scores and scoring system on the link above and feel free to leave us comments and mockery.


Kyushu 2017 Basho Preview

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Kyushu is finally here and we still managed to screw it up! We recorded a day before yokozuna Kakuryu pulled out and we managed to make fools of ourselves predicting that he wouldn’t. We’ve got an ad at 42:32 and harsh ribbing throughout. Check it out and feel free to send us feedback!


Name me, and become our 5th fantasy sumo member next basho!


Fantasy Sumo Results: Aki 2017

Aki is complete, so it’s time to see who sucked the least at compiling a team of winning rikishi! A couple notes before crowning our winner:

  • Next time we will move this closer to the basho to avoid picking sumotori who pull out before the tournament even starts.
  • For November we will be adding a 5th player: one of you! Check out the final segment of our recap podcast for details.
  • Please feel free to give us feedback on our scoring. This is our first basho with this system so I’m sure there is plenty of tweaking we can do.

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Aki 2017 Basho Recap

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“Wacky Aki” is finished and boy was it a wild ride. Have a go at our recap episode featuring two new ads and a whole lot of slightly-less-ignorant-each-time sumo analysis! In our final segment (starting at 45:41) we wrap up our prediction series and fantasy league and feature our first listener contest. Check it out if you are interested in joining the GSB official fantasy league!


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