Aki 2017 Basho Preview

Direct Download Link

With the start of the Aki basho looming on the horizon (9/10/17), we finally got our preview together with our collected thoughts and predictions. Download with the link above and let us know what you think!

Note: We are still working on getting our shows on iTunes and Stitcher, but we will update in the next few days as that is completed.

Update 9/5/17: GSB is now available on iTunes and Stitcher!



Music by Bensound.com

7 thoughts on “Aki 2017 Basho Preview

  1. Yeah, I agree that Arawashi deserves props, he’s a talented and tenacious rikishi. He has demonstrated some excellent form.

    As for Aoiyama, you don’t have to like a rikishi to acknowledge their ability. While he has not turned in the best record against the sanyaku, he is a capable wrestler and his performance has been respectable in this unforgiving sport.

    This is makunouchi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makunouchi I believe the word you were looking for is “makuuchi.”

    The “OK Sumo” ad was amusing.


      1. With regards to the pronunciations on Wikipedia, it’s either maku-uchi “幕内” with 4 syllables, or maku-no-uchi “幕の内”, with 5 syllables. The additional character “の” is also found in the kanji for KiseNOsato and SadaNOumi. The vowels don’t combine into maku-noochi, even though it looks like that in the English transliteration (since “ou” in English often sounds like “oo”).

        I hope this isn’t too nitpicky, I just like to nerd out over language things. Love the podcast!


  2. Any way you can move these pods closer to the actual start date of the basho in the future? Seems silly to hear multiple Hakuho picks for the yusho, then have him pull out before Day 1. I realize that some of this is unavailable based on how tight-lipped the sumo community is about injuries, but maybe do a banzuke preview when it’s first published, then a quick prediction pod the Friday or Saturday before the basho starts? Just some ideas. I’m loving the pod, and having another place to get sumo coverage. Keep it up!


    1. After this wild ride of injuries, we are definitely reconsidering our schedule for future bashos. We’ll probably try changing a few things for November. Thanks for the feedback and glad you like it!


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