Fantasy Sumo Results: Kyushu 2017

Better late than never, here are the results from our second basho of fantasy sumo. We had our first guest competitor and holy hell she destroyed us. Maybe we don’t need guests in the future… Anyway, here’s a quick overview of the scoring:

Each Match Won 1 pts
Each Match Lost 0 pts
Kachi-Koshi (8-7 or Better Record) 2 pts
Make-Koshi (7-8 or Worse Record) -2 pts
Yusho (Basho Winner Result) 5 pts
Jun-Yusho (Runner-Up Result) 3 pts
Each Kin-Boshi Awarded 2 pts
Each Special Prize Awarded 3 pts

Here’s a link to the full spreadsheet if you want the details, but check out this massacre:

Team Score
Amy AH HATS 70
Ryan The Fat Five 48
Flyric MitaYoMamiNoShin 41
Mak KiT-KoT-Char 36
Jake The Brutal Bellies 29

Amy managed to get Hakuho and Hokutofuji thereby thoroughly embarrassing our whole crew. She was promptly kicked off the team to make space for a new guest in January. If you’d like to be that guest (and you aren’t as good as Amy at this), remember to submit a name for our mascot. We’ll pick our favorite and contact you through Twitter with the details on how to humiliate us at our own game.


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