Bonus Episode 4: Year-End Award Show

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Just in time for the holidays, check out GSB’s first annual Year-End Award Show! This episode was recorded in front of a live stadium audience that totally wasn’t added in post. Let us know who we missed or how wrong our picks were! Scroll down all the way for spoilers on who won what.

Music by Cj Aist via SoundCloud









  1. Golden Binkie for Best Newcomer: Takakeisho
  2. Golden Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for Worst Disappointment: Kisenosato’s Injuries
  3. Golden Topknot for Best Kimarite: Tasukazori, Ura over Amakaze, Hatsu day 13
  4. Golden Karaoke Remote Or Beer Bottle Depending On Who You Are Talking About At The Time for Villain of the Year: Injuries
  5. Golden Boomerang for Comback of the Year: TIE (Harumafuji in September and Aminishiki)
  6. Golden Life-Sized Dohyo for Match of the Year: TIE (Hakuho vs. Takakeisho, Nagoya day 4 and Takayasu vs. Ura, Nagoya day 10)
  7. Golden Spotlight for Moment of the Year: Kisenosato’s win at Haru
  8. Golden Mawashi for Rikishi of the Year: Hakuho
  9. Golden Microphone for GSB Host of the Year: CONTENTIOUS TIE (but should be Jake)

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