Nagoya Banzuke Prediction

I’ve decided to try my hand a predicting the banzuke for the upcoming Nagoya Basho. As someone who has watched sumo for a little under 2 years and having never tried this before I feel that this will be the definitive banzuke prediction you will find on the internet. Like I said on the podcast if I get more than two spots incorrect on this list I will consider this whole thing a complete and utter failure.

This is also the point where I point out that I am bad at the internet and am not sure I can insert a table into this post so the formatting of this list is not exactly how I would like it be or good. That being said here we go.

  • Yokozuna
    • Y1E: Kakuryu
    • Y1W: Hakuho
    • Y2E: Kisenosato
  • Ozeki
    • O1E: Tochinoshin
    • O1W: Goeido
    • O2E: Takayasu
  • Sekiwake
    • SE: Ichinojo
    • SW: Mitakeumi
  • Komusubi
    • KE: Tamawashi
    • KW: Shohozan
  • Maegashira 1
    • M1E: Shodai
    • M1W: Kotoshogiku
  • Maegashira 2
    • M2E: Ikioi
    • M2W: Chiyonokuni
  • Maegashira 3
    • M3E: Kagayaki
    • M3W: Abi
  • Maegashira 4
    • M4E: Kaisei
    • M4W: Takakeisho
  • Maegashira 5
    • M5E: Daishomaru
    • M5W: Yoshikaze
  • Maegashira 6
    • M6E: Chiyotairyu
    • M6W: Daieisho
  • Maegashira 7
    • M7E: Kyokutaisei
    • M7W: Takarafuji
  • Maegashira 8
    • M8E: Chiyoshoma
    • M8W: Myogiryu
  • Maegashira 9
    • M9E: Endo
    • M9W: Nishikigi
  • Maegashira 10
    • M10E: Onosho
    • M10W: Aoiyama
  • Maegashira 11
    • M11E: Chiyomaru
    • M11W: Sadanoumi
  • Maegashira 12
    • M12E: Yutakayama
    • M12W: Kotoeko
  • Maegashira 13
    • M13E: Tochiozan
    • M13W: Arawashi
  • Maegashira 14
    • M14E: Asanoyama
    • M14W: Okinoumi
  • Maegashira 15
    • M15E: Hokutofuji
    • M15W: Ryuden
  • Maegashira 16
    • M16E: Ishiura
    • M16W: Takekaze

I think Chiyonokuni is going to see the biggest jump with his impressive 12-3 record and his Fighting Spirit prize as well. We will see if he can fare better than some of his previous forays into the “Zone of Death”. A few other big jumpers are all of the guys towards the bottom of the banzuke that got double digit wins. Those being Takakeisho, Kyokutaisei, Myogiryu, and Nishikigi. I think Takakeisho has the best chance of repeated success in that group as he is a recent Komusubi.

The biggest droppers are going to be Ryuden, Yutakayama, and Endo. All of these guys had 12+ losses so this is to be expected.

The newcomers to the Makuuchi will be the returning Onosho, fresh off of his Juryo Yusho. And Kotoeko with an impressive 11-4 record from the Juryo 2 position. They will be replacing Daiamami and Aminishiki who both went 4-11.

Let me know your thoughts on the banzuke and most importantly let me know if there is an easier way to format this.










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