The Consulate’s Cup (October 10th 2020)

Hello all you wonderful people and welcome to the first page I have written in a very long time. How long has it been? Well…check the lyrics to Yusho Race. This time, I have something that has gotten me up off of the couch and made me put down my notebook of sumo matches. U.S.A SUMO! That’s right! We’ve got rikishi on the home front ready for the spotlight.

On the show we have talked with Ed Suczewski of the United States Sumo Federation (U.S.S.F) and his career with sumo wrestling in the U.S. One of the big takeaways he has stressed is that there are many clubs and organizations that make up the U.S.S.F with a lot of amazing competitors. While that had definitely gotten my attention, after some digging, I found out there are three events held each year for sumotori here in the U.S. The U.S. Sumo Open, Fitcon, and U.S. Sumo Nationals. And now, thanks to two ladies with a podcast down in Texas, we found a fourth tournament.

ENTER SUMO KABOOM and the Consulate’s Cup

For those of you who have not given them a listen yet, I recommend you check them out! They have good banter, interesting segments, and are fun to listen to. On one of their most recent episodes, which I listed below, they spoke with Justin Kizzart and Derrick Garza regarding a brand new event dubbed called the Consulate’s Cup down in Austin Texas. Justin is the founder of Dark Circle Sumo and he and his organization created the tournament. He has been competing in Sumo since 2018, having been a medalist and participant in Nationals and the U.S. Sumo Open multiple times. The event was scheduled to be at the Asian American Resource Center but complications arose due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Luckily, Derrick is the owner of Dark Clan Fight Lab and offered to host the event at his facility. I would be doing Laurie and Leslie of Sumo Kaboom a disservice in just giving a brief summary of the interview nor could I fully capture the energy of Justin and Derrick. The whole episode is below and if you have the time, listen to the whole thing, but if you want to skip to the interview segment, it begins around 18:25.

Sumo Kaboom Interview with Justin Kizzart and Derrick Garza.

After I listened to their episode, I was stoked! I couldn’t wait for October 10th. When it finally arrived, I was treated to great commentary by Justin as he and Derrick announced the rikishi and their weight divisions. I was fascinated by the sheer number of participants, their clubs, and the amount of skill each rikishi displayed. Below is a list of those sumotori who competed in the event.

Black Widow MMA: Jorge Castaneda (M)

Brasa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Austin: Will Ward (M)

Dark Circle Sumo: Sam Kempka (M), Eros Armstrong (F), and Jevon Armagh (M)

Dark Clan Fight Lab: Wesley Laird (M) and Derrick Garza (m)

Florida Sumo Association: Cornelius Booker (M)

Georgia Sumo Club: Jacob Gill (M)

Houston Sumo Club: Nicholas Ton (M)

Jackson Wink MMA: Kayla Yontef (F)

Lone Star / Mighty Eagle Sumo: Caleb Baccus (M), David Murray (M), Joshua Blackburn (M), Brandon Alexander (M), and Nicole Burgess (F).

Ohayo Sumo Association: Nick Biggs (M) and Dillon Biggs (M)

Red Devil Sumo Club: Billy Mitchell (M)

Sumo Club LA: Jose Galindo (M)

The Community Sumo Club: Kyle Ferritar (M) and Nate Pastorello (M)

Titan Sumo Club: Americus Abesamis (M)

Check out the how each competitor did by watching the livestream of the event, here:

*********************SPOILERS AHEAD**********************

********************SPOILERS INCOMING********************

A summary of the match results and medalists is shown below. But again, I highly encourage you to watch the event.

*********************SPOILERS BELOW***********************

*********************YOU’VE BEEN WARNED******************

Men’s Lightweight Medalists: Gold: Derrick Garza, Silver: Dillon Biggs, Bronze: Weslie Laird

Men’s Middleweight Medalists: Gold: Cornelius Booker, Silver: David Murray, Bronze: Nate Pastorello

Women’s Openweight Medalists: Gold: Eros Armstrong, Silver: Kayla Yantef, Bronze: Nicole Burgess

Men’s Light Heavyweight Medalists: Gold: Jacob Gill, Silver: Nate Pastorello, Bronze: Sam Kempka

Men’s Heavyweight Medalists: Gold: Jose Galindo, Silver: Caleb Baccus, Bronze: Kyle Ferritar

Coed Openweight Medalists: Gold: Jose Galindo, Silver: Jacob Gill, Bronze: Cornelius Booker

These are the men and women here in the U.S. that are passionate about sumo wrestling and working to hone their craft. The Consulate’s Cup was a great way to introduce a new event onto the U.S. Circuit and I cannot wait for next year to see both new faces and old faces battling it out on the Dohyo. Hakkeyoi!!!

If you would like to know more about a particular club or starting your own, check out the links below!

United States Sumo Federation:

Black Widow MMA:

Brasa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Austin:

Dark Circle Sumo:

Dark Clan Fight Lab:

Florida Sumo Association:

Georgia Sumo Club:

Jackson Wink MMA:

Lone Star / Mighty Eagle Sumo:

Ohayo Sumo Association:

Red Devil Sumo Club:

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