US Sumo: Grand Rapids Sumo’s Gabe Unick

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Adding to an already excellent upcoming stretch of amateur sumo events, Grand Rapids Sumo Club’s Gabe Unick fills us in on the Beer City Open, as well as his start in sumo and their recent tournament at the JAFAX convention. Lots going on this Fall, make sure to update your calendars!

  • 8/6 – Iron Belly II, Orlando FL
  • 8/28 – Seminar w/ Gagamaru, Dallas TX
  • 9/3 – The Consulate’s Cup, Austin TX
  • 9/10 – US Sumo Open, Los Angeles CA
  • 10/1+2 – Beer City Sumo Open, Grand Rapids MI
  • 11/12 – Texas Sumo Open, Houston TX

Theme music by David Hall via SoundCloud

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