2020 Year End Award Show

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It’s finally here! The gargantuan, star-studded, literally-marathon-length recap episode to the hot mess of a year that was 2020. With special guests: Sumo Kaboom, Mr JWags, USSF’s Ed, Sumo Mainichi, Tachi-Ai’s Andy, Jason Harris, and our field correspondent B! Stay tuned after the credits for our favorite GSB punishments of the year.

Music by Mr JWags and David Hall via SoundCloud

November 2020 Banzuke Review

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Banzuke time! Ryan and Jake review where everyone is at for the upcoming November basho and revisit fun Halloween junk one more time. Please note due to some technical issues we recorded this several days before release and the fellow podcast we advertised (Semi-Sages of the Pages) has already done their Halloween stream. You can check it out here: YouTube Link

Theme music by David Hall via SoundCloud