American Sumo Newsletter – October 2022

Our October newsletter is here! So much to cover this time around. In chronological order, we cover the Consulate’s Cup, the US Open, and the Beer City Open, as well as our normal coverage of pro sumo and technique tips. Make sure to keep us in the loop on any upcoming events or new clubs and watch for our December mega-issue with full summaries of amateur and professional sumo in 2022!

American Sumo Newsletter – August 2022

Lots to cover in this August issue! Look inside for full amateur and pro results, resources on clubs and upcoming events, and more technical insights from Tom Zabel. If you have a club or event that you’d like added (or if you’d like to contribute) feel free to reach out to Grand Sumo Breakdown through any social media.

American Sumo Newsletter – June 2022

Check out GSB’s first issue of American Sumo, a newsletter where we cover everything we can get our hands on related to our favorite sport! Inside you’ll find results from amateur US tournaments, professional Japanese sumo, a feature on the upcoming World Games, and resources on how to get in the ring yourself. We will be releasing new issues every even-numbered month, so get in touch with us through social media if you’d like to contribute or get your club/event added to the August newsletter!

*Revision 6/21 – punctuation, photo sizing, contact info for Ironwave Sumo