Kyushu 2018 Midway

*Spoilers Through Day 8*

Takakeisho is in the lead with six literally hungry rikishi close behind. Will he pull it out or will Takayasu snag his first Yusho? We learn more about what Takanohana has been up to at 32:30 and then answer some twitter questions in our first ever Ask GSB segment. To ask your own question, you can find us on social media or give us a call at 805-613-SUMO (7866).


Kyushu 2018 Preview

The leaves are changing, temperature is falling, and the Yokozuna are telling everyone how injured they are. That’s right, Sumo is back! This time the GSB crew takes a look at the Banzuke, discusses who’s looking healthy, and takes a wild stab at predicting how it’s all going to play out. We take break for a Mongolian mogul at 50:02 and as always, can be reached on social media or dropping a line at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Bonus Episode 14: Harumafuji

From being recruited as a teenager in Mongolia, to retiring in scandal from the peak of his sport, Harumafuji has had about as up-and-down of a career as anyone could. In honor of his recent retirement ceremony last month at the Kokugikan, we take a look at the career of the 3rd Mongolian yokozuna, in and outside the ring. As always, give a call to 805-613-SUMO (7866) or find us on Twitter.

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Aki 2018 Preview

Sumo’s finally back so you get to listen to more sumo podcasts, lucky you! Can Mitakeumi follow up his first yusho? Will Kisenosato finally finish a tournament? Is there anywhere you can go to escape the American political season? Probably not, hopefully, and no. We have breaks at 51:35 and 1:25:14 but you can feel free to call us to complain anytime at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Bonus Episode 13: GSB’s 1 Year Anniversary

It’s been a full year since we started our podcast and we thought we should celebrate the occasion. For our last bonus episode of this off-season, we reminisce about our favorite  segments and the hurdles we’ve come across. Also, in a GSB first, we have a real live actual advertisement (no, seriously)! You can head over to the merch store and use code “GrandSumoBreakdown” for a 10% discount all this week! As always, feel free to call us at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Nagoya 2018 Recap

Congratulations to first-time tournament champion Mitakeumi! Regardless of injuries to some of the top guys, this basho was just lousy with young talent shining brightly and proving that the next generation will be just as exciting as the last. Join us for commentary, poor jokes, word from a sponsor at 40:05, and one last wedding quiz for Mak before he joins the ranks of married men. As always, find us on social media or drop us a line at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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