Bonus Episode 9: USA Sumo

For most of our listeners, sumo is too far away to ever see live. So what about sumo happening closer to home? Luckily there is a huge yearly tournament right here in the US of A. We interview USA Sumo’s Andrew Freund to learn more. Check out for more details on May 12th’s USA Sumo Open, streaming on YouTube.

*Sorry for the occasional quality issues, Skype isn’t perfect*

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Fantasy Sumo League: Haru 2018

*Spoilers through day 15/end of basho*

Haru basho is complete and the results are in for our fantasy league. Our guest this tournament was Molly, who provided us with last month’s best sumo/valentine’s pun: “Who does the sumotori go to for love advice? Cherub-maru!” 

Keep an eye out for our next contest if you’d like to join us in May.

Each player picked 5 rikishi from makuuchi and one from juryo. Before the results, here’s the scoring we used:

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Haru 2018 Midway

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*Spoilers through day 6*

Just like this basho, nobody knows who will make it through this podcast. We manage to hold it together just long enough to get through our thoughts. Check out a trailer for an upcoming film at 27:02 and leave us a message at our new Google Voice number, 805 – 613 – SUMO!

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Haru 2018 Preview with Tachiai’s Bruce H

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The long drought is over and we finally have more sumo! To mark the occasion we tricked’s Bruce into giving us the secrets to the lower divisions of sumo that we don’t know much about. If you want to skip our nonsense, you can find the interview in between ads from our sponsors at 39:00 and 69:47. As always we want to know what you think, so leave us a voice mail at our Google voice number, 805-613-SUMO (7866)!

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Hatsu 2018 Recap

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The first basho of 2018 has come and gone. We laughed, we cried, we got a crazy surprise winner. The GSB crew covers all the big stories with special guests Robot Mak and Depression Flyric. Check out an ad for sumo’s next big event at 42:08 and let us know what you think!

Fantasy Sumo Page

Power Rankings Page

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Hatsu 2018 Midway

*Spoilers through day 8*

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There have been a couple of high-profile injuries, but it kinda feels like there are fewer than normal, doesn’t it? Either way we have an ad from our health sponsor at 17:49. We cover the current standings, surprises, storylines, and more in our Hatsu midway episode!

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