Aki 2021 Recap

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D’oh! We managed to record during the tiny window between the basho ending and the big Hakuho news…. Join us here to discuss the basho but make sure to look around for more news on The Boss and a bonus episode from us sometime soon on his career.

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Post-Aki 2019 Fantasy and Power Rankings

***Spoilers, duh***

Well as is tradition, Aki continues to be the WTF basho of the year. A lot of top guys dropped out and we had some breakout performances where they weren’t expected, leaving a lot of our predictions in shambles… Check out our recap episode for our full breakdown.

Fantasy Sumo

Well, as is tradition, our guest either demolishes us or gets demolished. Weirdly surprising how rarely it’s anything in between. This time it was listener Brendan’s turn to take the fall. Despite having runner-up Takakeisho on his team, The Double Henka was brought low by a kyujo Hakuho and some under performing veterans. On the flip side we had Mak and The Gambarizers edging out the competition on the backs of a very strong top 4. Here’s our scoring system and the full results:

If you’d like to join us for fantasy sumo in November, find us on Twitter for our next contest.

GSB Sumo Power Rankings – Link to full spreadsheet

Next up is our patent pending GSB Sumo Power Rankings. For a quick description of how it works, here’s Last-Month Jake:

“We created a system based on professional chess’s Elo ratings. Each wrestler has a rating with the average defined as 1000. Over the course of the basho, wrestlers will give and take points from each other based on the outcome of their match as well as their probability of winning.”

Here are the top ten of those who participated in the full basho, showing where they started, how much they gained/lost, and where they ended up:


Not a bad list at all if you are a fan of promising youngsters taking over the sport! A newer addition to our program is a graph of our wrestlers’ progress over the basho. In particular this month, I loved how Okinoumi (orange) barged his way into the elite ranks, took an ass-kicking, then soldiered through the final third to stick around near the top. You can also see really well how Hokutofuji (purple) pulled out a miracle in the second half to stay with the pack.


That’s all this basho, keep an eye out for a bonus episode or few in October and our Kyushu preview coverage.



Aki 2019 Recap

Behold! Setting a new standard of aimless, rambling sumo talk is the GSB Aki recap episode. Wandering from extended discussions of henkas, to Shakespearean poetry, to horses…. we eventually get to to the meat of the basho we just completed. Yet another horrible sumo soap opera advertises at 1:08:23, and you you can leave us your questions or complaints at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Theme music by David Hall via SoundCloud