Hatsu 2020 Midway


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Halfway in and we have a real weird pack of front runners. Join us as we try to come to terms with Tokushoryu being tied for the lead and hear from our new clairvoyant sponsor at 51:48. After the break we introduce our new injury tracking project.

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Kyushu 2019 Midway

*Spoilers through Day 8*

For those of you listeners who haven’t gone kyujo, here’s the GSB guys’ take on the first week of Kyushu 2019. We have another audiobook offer at 39:33 and plenty of premature griping about the Minnesota Vikings game. Drop us a line at 805-613-SUMO (7866) or find us on social media.

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Aki 2019 Midway

***Spoilers through day 7***

Uncertainty abounds….so why not make more bets on the yusho race? The GSB crew is as unsure as ever on who will win the Aki basho. With a dark horse out in front and 3 more hot on his heels, it is anyone’s tournament. Tweet us complaints or, if you feel like yelling, leave a voice mail at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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2019 Nagoya Midway and GSB Travels

Sorry this one’s a little late, we have a lot going on here on our Japan vacation. We have a bit of basho talk, but most of this episode is us discussing our sumo travels. Our audio setup will be back to normal for the recap episode, so please forgive any hiccups. Check out our Twitter and Instagram accounts for more pictures of our travels!

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Natsu 2019 Midway

*Spoilers through day 7*

First week of the Natsu basho is in the books and we’ve got two obvious front-runners. Join us as we somehow turn that into a full hour of content along with our thoughts on the rest of the banzuke. Check out our preview of a fellow talk radio show at 40:06 and give us a call at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

Editor’s note: It took some creative censoring, but I promise I got all of Ryan/Jake’s Game of Thrones babbling covered, no spoilers here.

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Hatsu 2018 Midway

*Spoilers through day 8*

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There have been a couple of high-profile injuries, but it kinda feels like there are fewer than normal, doesn’t it? Either way we have an ad from our health sponsor at 17:49. We cover the current standings, surprises, storylines, and more in our Hatsu midway episode!

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