Nagoya 2021 Recap

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You may now return to the regular part of your seat after spending the last few days on the edge. The nail-biting, butt-clenching tension of the finale in Nagoya is over, but the amateurish pontificating has barely begun. Btw, timestamp is about 1:19:00 for the punishment you have all been waiting for…

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Nagoya 2021 Midway


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We are half way through the Nagoya basho and thus far it is neck and neck for the two co-leaders. The guys discuss their favorite matches thus far and try to comprehend what the heck Tobizaru was thinking on day 7.

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Nagoya 2020 Recap

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What a way to get back into sumo! It had everything we’ve come to love in 2020: no yokozuna completing the basho, maegashira 17s winning, and Jake embarrassing himself with a song punishment…. Anyway, sorry it’s getting released a bit late, but we made up for it with the extreme length. If you’d like to respond to our ad, feel free to leave us a message at 805-613-SUMO (7866)

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Nagoya 2019 Fantasy Sumo and Power Rankings

Another basho down, another set of those sweet, sweet spreadsheets.

Fantasy Sumo

Fantasy sumo did… not go great for yours truly. It was a rough basho for my team so I’m glad I’ll have our Japan trip to look back on instead of this performance. Here’s how we determine our points:


And here’s how each of our teams did:


Our guest Sunlan did great but was just barely edged out by Flyric. If you’d like to join us for the next basho, look for our new contest on our Twitter feed. This time around we are looking for for the best sumo-themed superhero ideas.

GSB Sumo Power Rankings – Link to Spreadsheet

My personal pet project is our sumo power rankings. Last-month-Jake describes our system thusly:

“We created a system based on professional chess’s Elo ratings. Each wrestler has a rating with the average defined as 1000. Over the course of the basho, wrestlers will give and take points from each other based on the outcome of their match as well as their probability of winning.”

Well said. So without further math, here are the top 10 ratings coming out of Nagoya:


Unsurprisingly, our yusho winner Kakuryu tops out the rankings after Nagoya with rival Hakuho keeping Hakuhot on his heels (sorry). Takayasu pulled out of the tournament, but stays near the top of the rankings due to his solid wins before the injury. Feel free to check out the link to our spreadsheet for full stats and we’ll catch you next time!

Aki 2019 Banzuke Prediction

Ryan tries to predict what the Aki banzuke will look like as Jake rudely tries to distract him by hacking up a lung for half the episode. Ryan also waffles harder than that one politician you don’t like on most of his picks. Drop us a line at 805-613-SUMO (7866) or find us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/your local community center’s bulletin board!

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Nagoya 2019 Recap

The GSB crew is back home safe and sound from our trip to Japan and we finally were able to endure each other’s presence again long enough to record our review of the Nagoya basho. We’ve got loads of pictures on our Twitter and Instagram if you want to see what we got up to on the other side of the globe. Check out our attempt at a side project at 54:41 and give a call at 805-613-SUMO (7866)!

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2019 Nagoya Midway and GSB Travels

Sorry this one’s a little late, we have a lot going on here on our Japan vacation. We have a bit of basho talk, but most of this episode is us discussing our sumo travels. Our audio setup will be back to normal for the recap episode, so please forgive any hiccups. Check out our Twitter and Instagram accounts for more pictures of our travels!

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