Natsu 2022 Recap

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What a weird tournament. All that chaos in week one just for that result? Don’t get me wrong, it makes sense in the big picture but it feels like it deserved something… whackier?

Also in order to fulfill our podcast punishments from this and previous bashos, the last segment of this episode is pure misery…. Watch us suffer live on the youtube version!

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Natsu 2021 Midway

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***Spoilers through day 8***

Today we discuss the first week of the May tournament and also send out some special words to our listeners who’ve been kind enough to donate to our new Patreon. Find us on if you’d like to contribute, every patron gets a shout out every basho and every dollar is reinvested in improving our show.

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Not-So Basho Preview

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Welcome to the twilight zone! This is our preview episode for the cancelled basho that we will be simulating. Listen back to our Natsu 2020 Cancellation episode for more details and send us your thoughts on what you hope to “see” this tournament. *Explicit language in post-credits bit*

The new and kick-ass Not-So theme is by @MrJWags and our regular theme music is by David Hall via SoundCloud