Aki 2019 Preview

Another basho is upon us and the GSB crew break down the storylines to watch for. After looking into the top stories we have a trailer for a brand new sumo soap opera at 58:27 followed by our most ridiculous prediction series draft to date. Drop us a line if you like at 805-613-SUMO (7866) or find us on social media.

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Nagoya 2019 Preview

It’s finally here, the first ever basho with GSB podcasters in attendance! Well, for day 8 at least… Join us for a preview of the storylines going in and an ad from our travel agency at 1:09:56. Look for pictures and fun junk from our trip on our social media accounts and give us a call at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Natsu 2019 Preview

Sumo’s back, and with it is a new and improved GSB. No, we’re still losers who treat each other poorly, but now we’re on YouTube and Instagram! I suppose that’s pretty cool. Check out our new sponsor at 1:06:07 and our improved Intro to Sumo episode (for real this time, I promise). Leave us a message to tell us how bad an idea this is at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Haru 2019 Preview

Another sumo drought is finally ending, and we can’t help but ramble on about it for hours. Thanks again to everyone who submitted sumo related movie titles, we got so many that we even included a clip from a Sumo Vault Classic at 1:21:03. Send us any comments or corrections on Twitter or Facebook or leave us a message at 805-613-SUMO (7866)

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Aki 2018 Preview

Sumo’s finally back so you get to listen to more sumo podcasts, lucky you! Can Mitakeumi follow up his first yusho? Will Kisenosato finally finish a tournament? Is there anywhere you can go to escape the American political season? Probably not, hopefully, and no. We have breaks at 51:35 and 1:25:14 but you can feel free to call us to complain anytime at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

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Nagoya 2018 Preview

It’s time for sumo again, and after a letting everyone down with zero bonus episodes in June, we decided on a doubleheader ahead of Nagoya: we’ll be releasing a bonus episode alongside this preview. Check out our thoughts heading into the tournament and a word from our sponsor at 44:13.

Join the party by leaving us a message at 805-613-SUMO (7866)

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Haru 2018 Preview with Tachiai’s Bruce H

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The long drought is over and we finally have more sumo! To mark the occasion we tricked Tachiai.org’s Bruce into giving us the secrets to the lower divisions of sumo that we don’t know much about. If you want to skip our nonsense, you can find the interview in between ads from our sponsors at 39:00 and 69:47. As always we want to know what you think, so leave us a voice mail at our Google voice number, 805-613-SUMO (7866)!

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Hatsu 2018 Preview

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The best way to start a new year is always with sumo, and the first basho breakdown arrives just in time for the Hatsu tournament. We have a word from our legal sponsor at 36:13 and a special guest appearance in the background from Piper the puppy! Despite being completely supervised and having all her needs met, she tried her best impression of a screaming banshee. Piper the puppy has been dismissed from Grand Sumo Breakdown.



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Kyushu 2017 Basho Preview

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Kyushu is finally here and we still managed to screw it up! We recorded a day before yokozuna Kakuryu pulled out and we managed to make fools of ourselves predicting that he wouldn’t. We’ve got an ad at 42:32 and harsh ribbing throughout. Check it out and feel free to send us feedback!


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