GSB Bi-Annual Popularity Poll


Hey fellow sumo fans, have you ever been curious about which rikishi is the most popular? Is it Hakuho, the GOAT? Is it Asanoyama, the promising up and comer? Or could it be Enho, the acrobatic, pixie wizard? The guys of the Grand Sumo Breakdown podcast are curious as well and we need your help.

We have put together a short survey that will ask who your favorite, and least favorite, rikishi currently are. The rankings for the rikishi are based on where they were ranked for the Kyushu basho. There are also a couple of questions about your favorite heya, and some completely optional demographic questions.

This is something we plan on posting every 6 months as we want to track who the most popular rikishi is over time and use current events to figure out what drives rikishi popularity. We will follow up in a few weeks with our results. Feel free to pass this along to fellow sumo fans as we want as many responses as possible. Thank you all for your help in determining once and for all who the most popular rikishi in sumo is.


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